Len Port


The sky, they say, is the limit. Better still, in reality the sky is limitless. The sky’s ever-changing beauty, particularly here on the southern shores of Portugal, is truly wondrous. At all times of the day and night and at all times of the year it’s relentless transformations provide constant reason to watch in awe.
The changes in form, colour and tone, ranging from the subtle to the spectacular, have become Port’s main focus as an ‘outsider artist’, though he occasionally tackles other subjects as well.
Showcased here is a selection of the kind of images on canvas in oils or acrylics that might complement your living or work environment, and which perhaps he could paint specially for you.


Len Port’s first pieces of published writing appeared in nature journals in Ireland and France while he was working at the Natural History Museum in London. He improved his writing skills in Australia and got his first staff job in journalism as a reporter on the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. This was followed by interviewing, editing and presenting programmes with Radio Hongkong during the period of the Cultural Revolution in China and the Vietnam War.
Back in his homeland of Northern Ireland he reported on ‘the Troubles’ as a freelance correspondent for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC News) before joining the Sunday Times in South Africa during the apartheid era. During his career he has contributed to a number of other national newspapers and broadcast networks.
In Portugal he covered the Algarve for the Anglo-Portuguese News and co-founded Vista Ibérica Publicações, which published a range of books and magazines about the region.
In ‘semi-retirement’ he has focused on blogging and writing books, two of which are currently available in Kindle editions through Amazon.

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