The Fátima Phenomenon - Divine Grace, Delusion or Pious Fraud? 
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This is probably the most comprehensive and wide-ranging book ever published on the visions and miracles reported from central Portugal almost 100 years ago. It delves deeply into one of Christendom’s most fascinating and controversial mysteries.
Of the many books published about Fátima, nearly all have been written from a purely religious standpoint. This one is the work of an impartial journalist who has investigated the subject from religious, political, historical, philosophical and psychological perspectives.
The author maintains a neutral position throughout and believes his book will be of equal interest to believers and non-believers. He relates astounding facts, claims, counterclaims and opinions from a broad spectrum of relevant people, and invites readers to make up their own minds where the truth lies.
Who were the visionaries, what exactly did they report and in what circumstances? Did the Church authorities manipulate the situation in the face of political repression? What role did Jesuits and Freemasons play in the saga? Why is the so-called ‘third secret’ still hugely contentious? These and many other questions are examined in the book.
A Portuguese edition (O Fenómeno de Fátima – Graça Divina, Ilusão ou Fraude?) was published by Guerra e Paz of Lisbon just before the visit to Fátima of the Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

Customer review: 5 Star review
This book really makes you think about how our Catholic religion really keeps us in the dark and how they decide what should be told and what shouldn't. If our blessed Mary wanted her message to get out on a certain date who are these people to say No. Then how they changed the wording or said Nothing. Am still reading it and it just makes you think more of Why the church would do things like this. By Nancy M. Daves 

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People in a Place Apart
Kindle Edition

This book traces the history of the southern region of Portugal from prehistoric times to the present day by recalling the extraordinary diversity of cultures and remarkable individuals who have lived or visited here. In ancient times it was thought to be on the edge of the flat Earth. Long a remote and obscure place steeped in mystery, it is now a well-known tourist destination and yet it is still marginal, alluring and enchanting. Written by a veteran journalist who has lived in the region for three decades, the book focuses not on the place but its people. Its pages are full of fascinating insights into the comings and goings of the famous and infamous. This is the 3rd edition of the book, updated and published in 2016. It is designed to be an easy read and enjoyed by anyone with any interest in Portugal.

Customer review: 5 Star review
I knew very little about Southern Portugal before a friend recommended this book to me but now I feel it is an old friend. Len Port takes the reader from the very beginning of history to the present day, and a bit like the Pied Piper, he makes the journey so easy and enjoyable. So much to discover about this special land on the western edge of Europe! I found the modern chapters, dealing with some of the many stories that the author, working as a journalist, has been involved with, quite fascinating. There's something for everyone in this book, and a good insight into what makes the country tick. Really worth the recommendation! By Mary

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Tudo o que sempre quis saber sobre Fátima está reunido nes¬te livro intenso e polémico, destinado a informar e provocar mentes abertas e curiosas. Sem tabus, Len Port, jornalista ir-landês residente em Portugal, foi à procura de respostas para as questões que o inquietavam, reunindo dados e opiniões de pessoas envolvidas na história e de especialistas que se debru-çaram sobre o seu estudo.
Como é que os relatos sobre visitas sagradas de três crianças iletradas, nascidas numa terra perdida no Centro de Portugal, foram aceites pela Igreja e alcançaram uma dimensão inter-nacional ao ponto de transformar Fátima no terceiro local de peregrinação cristã mais visitado no mundo?
No centenário das aparições, o fascínio místico de Fátima parece mais forte do que nunca, e nem um céptico como o autor deste livro conseguiu ficar indiferente ao fenómeno. Len Port confessa, no final da investigação, o seu fascínio pelo mis¬tério com que se deparou e pela emocionante experiência de fé que testemunhou em Fátima.

Len Port. Nasceu e cresceu na Irlanda do Norte. Traba¬lhou no departamento de Paleontologia do Museu de História Natural, em Londres, e como zoologista na Austrália.
Durante a sua longa carreira de jornalis¬ta, viveu em Hong-Kong e na África do Sul, entre outros países, tendo colaborado com algumas das maiores agências de informa¬ção do mundo.
Reside há vários anos em Portugal, no Algarve, a partir de onde continua a escre¬ver artigos para jornais e revistas. É autor de contos infantis e guias turísticos.

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